Skip to Content – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies is a new massively multiplayer online arrow-shooting game for the iOS and Android platform. Your goal is simple – pick a username, then survive for as long as possible. Your point scoring is based on survival length, but you can also knock other players out of the game by shooting them and draining their life. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

From the beginning, you need to pick your power-up as soon as you can because you can be shot even when you are in the middle of choosing your power-up. Choose wisely, though, as some of them are more effective than others. Walking through walls is an especially great defensive power-up, and the spike-drop power-ups are great for both defense and offense.

Always return fire when you see yourself getting shot at, even as you move in the other direction. If you catch another player getting distracted, though, stop for a bit and start firing at will, as shooting while you move is very difficult to do. Look for a player whose health has been drained and snipe them off as well before they get the chance to pick up any hearts.

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You can use the coins and the gems that you earn in order to unlock new characters, which each have different appearances but perform exactly the same. Other players will also see it if you play as a new character. You can earn more gold by getting higher scores, and at the end of a round, you will be able to watch a video to double however much gold you earned during the round.

There are a number of other game modes, as well, such as team play and the limited time events. Team play will allow you to play as normal, except that your team is ranked, not you as an individual. Your goal is to knock out as many players from the other team as possible.

You can also unlock the masters arena, the firestorm arena, and the midnight arena, all of which have their own associated bonuses. To unlock the masters arena, score 2,500 points in a single run on the beginner arena. To unlock the firestorm arena, score 200 kills total in the masters arena. To unlock the midnight arena, score 300 kills in the firestorm arena.