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Asgard Run – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Asgard Run is a new endless-running game for the iOS and Android featuring Viking warriors. Your goal is to run as far as you can, of course, and with it being a pipe runner, you can swipe left or right across many different lines. You can unlock a bunch of characters and get new weapons and armor which increases your score, gives you bonus soul gems, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Asgard Run!

The mechanics are much like any other endless runner. Swipe left to move to the left lane, swipe right to move to the right lane, and swipe up to jump. There’s no sliding here, though; swiping down will cause you to attack the enemy directly in front of you. With enemies in this game, it’s always one slash, one kill.

Soul gems are the blue stones that you collect as you run, and the more of them that you collect, the more cool weapons and armor that you can buy. The equipment doesn’t add to your defense or to your attack power; instead, it will add score bonuses or add soul gem multipliers, so it will gradually pay for itself as you use it.

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You have many missions that you can complete at any time; pause the game if you want to see the missions in the middle of a run. Finish the missions and collect your reward to earn experience points. When your bar fills up, you’ll gain a level, which will earn you various bonuses, including, after a certain amount of levels, unlocking new characters, or at least unlocking the ability to purchase them.

Collecting soul gems is a slow process, and you can purchase them via in-app purchase if you want to speed it up, but you can also speed up the process for free. Go to the shop area, and go to the gem shop, and you will have an option to watch a video for 500 gems. When the video finishes you’ll collect the reward. Watch as many videos as you can until you run out of videos to watch. Then go back in fifteen to thirty minutes and the videos will be refreshed.

Be sure to pick up not only the gems, but other bonuses during the run. Chests earn you big bonuses, and keys are needed to open chests. Multipliers will cause your score to skyrocket for as long as they last.