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Auctioneer (iOS game) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Auctioneer is a new game for the iPhone and iPad by Cherrypick Games. Your goal in this gaem is to pick the high bid every time, but it gets a bit difficult because more and more bids, with higher and higher digit numbers, keep appearing on the screen every time. The more bids you pick correctly, the more coins you win. Read on for some tips and tricks for Auctioneer!

After you play for a little while you can kind of predict what the number range is going to be for the next bid. After the first five or so bids, you’ll be able to figure out most of the bids by looking at the two highest digits in the number. Very rarely will you end up having to go beyond that.

The higher the bid, the more coins that you will earn. If your bid totally sucks, you’ll get no coins. If it’s decent, you get one coin. If it’s really high you get two coins, and if it is EXTREMELY high, you will get three coins for the round. Added up, the coins majorly become worth their weight.

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Once you get a hundred coins, you can then spend them on a new auctioneer character. The new character does not change how the game is played, it only changes the graphics on the screen. The game will still be played the same way, with the same random numbers as had been used when you used the old character.

A tedious but effective way to earn coins quickly would be to tap only the minimum amount of necessary high numbers in order to get that one coin score. When the score finishes above 500, typically it will earn you one coin. Two or more coins and you will be in the thousands of points.

If you want to get the rest of them a whole lot more quickly, then you can buy the golden auctioneer for a small price and your coins will be doubled for life. Plus, all of the ads in the game will disappear if you purchase him. If you later delete the game and then want to reinstall it and bring him back, go to the options menu and hit “restore purchases” to bring him back.