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Auralux: Constellations – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Auralux: Constellations, also known as Auralux 2, is a new level-based strategy game for the iOS, Steam and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to build up forces around your star, take over planets and upgrade them into stars, and then use your forces to take over your opponents’ stars. It plays like a deconstructed RTS, with very simple to play, yet tough to master gameplay. Read on for some tips and tricks for Auralux: Constellations!

Your planet or star can only hold a specific number of forces, but if you need more forces and you can’t take the next-door planet or star yet, a good workaround is to take the forces out of your stars or planets (or at least out of your furthest ones) and instead of sending them to another planet, send them to outer space. Either that, or just load up the planets or stars closest to your opponents with forces.

Keep doing this in order to build up a huge amount of forces. Place them around the screen as needed so that it becomes functionally impossible for the enemy to take over your planets. The closer that you place them to the field of action, the quicker you can send them to an area where they are needed.

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Tougher stages will have you surrounded by enemy planets far more quickly than the easier stages will, so upgrade fast. If you have one planet that can be upgraded, send forces from other planets in order to speed the upgrading along. Do this for any planet that you can upgrade, so that you can rack up more forces more quickly.

You don’t have to play in a linear fashion. You can play the levels in whatever order that you want to. All that you have to do is tap to a star in the constellation that you haven’t played yet. Just watch out for the difficulty level. If you can’t beat a normal one, practice on the easy ones or play the normal ones and test out new strategies until you can win reliably. Do the same when moving up from normal level to hard level star systems.

When you have one planet left to take, let the charge build up for a few seconds, and then force-touch the screen or three-finger it to automatically direct all of your forces to that planet. The takeover will be quick and painless, and you will instantly beat the level.