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Just a car-crazed guy from SoCal. Eventually wish to own every exotic car in Jay Leno's inventory, but right now I dream about doing such a thing.

Frankfurt Motor Show: 2012 Porsche 911 official specs, information and pictures

Pictured here is the brand new 2012 Porsche 911, codenamed the 991, straight from the Frankfurt Motor Show. Even though the look is clearly evolutionary, the differences between the new 911 and the old 911 will be visible immediately to Porsche fans. For instance, the car is nearly 4 inches longer, yet it rides […Read More]

FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW: The 2013 Maserati Kubang SUV finally debuts! Photos and information

And now, something we have all been waiting for for a very long time, ever since Chrysler was taken over by Fiat, and Sergio Marchionne announced that a brand new Maserati SUV would be in the works. Enter the all new, production ready Maserati Kubang SUV. Maserati has finally pulled the wraps off of […Read More]

FRANKFURT MOTOR SHOW: 2013 Fisker Surf shooting brake official photos and information

Pictured here is Fisker’s second-ever production model and the current star of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the hot new Fisker Surf shooting brake concept. Despite the ‘shooting brake’ moniker that Fisker has attached to the new Surf, let’s be real. The Fisker Surf is an estate car, also known as a station wagon. But […Read More]

Official Sketch: 2014/2015 Infiniti EV sedan

Pictured here is a sketch that Infiniti dropped out of nowhere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This sketch shows off a brand new, midsize, front wheel drive electric sedan concept that is said to preview a production car that will launch sometime in 2014. There has yet to be any official word on any […Read More]

Frankfurt Auto Show: Lamborghini Sesto Elemento confirmed for limited production

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, the craziest Lamborghini since the classic Countach, as well as the lightest and fastest Lamborghini of all time, has been confirmed for limited production. This picture below is of the Sesto Elemento at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, as Lamborghini brought itto the show in order to make the announcement.×433.jpg […Read More]

SPY SHOTS: 2013 Audi S3 caught out in the open!

What you are looking at are the first spy shots of the all new, 2012 Audi S3, which has shown its face for the first time in hatchback form.×433.jpg This particular model is the three door variation on the S3, meaning that chances are slim to none that this model will come to America; […Read More]

SPY SHOTS: Ford B-Max subcompact MPV caught on the road

Pictured here is the all new 2013 Ford B-Max, based off of the Ford Fiesta platform.×433.jpg Previously, the concept variant of the B-Max had been shown off at 2011’s Geneva Auto Show, as Ford’s new competitor for the Opel Meriva. This new round of pictures is the first set that have been captured of […Read More]

SPY VIDEO: BMW 6-series Gran Coupe caught on the road!

Shown here is the first ever spy video of the 2012 BMW 6-series Gran Coupe, captured by MotorAuthority and showing off what the new four-door sports sedan looks like in black. The video is here: The 6-series Gran Coupe is the new 4-door coupe version of BMW’s 6-series, and is designed to compete with the […Read More]

OFFICIAL PHOTOS: 2012/2013 Audi S7 Sportback

Seen here are the first official pictures of the all new 2012/2013 Audi S7 Sportback, the hotted-up version of Audi’s hatchback coupe sedan hermaphrodite that has taken Audi’s exterior design to whole new levels.×433.jpg The S7 Sportback shares an engine with the new S6 lineup, meaning that it will receive a 4.0 liter turbocharged […Read More]

OFFICIALLY REVEALED: Alfa Romeo 4C comes out before the Frankfurt Motor Show

Pictured here is the brand new, beautiful, Alfa Romeo 4C concept, which is set to be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show starting tomorrow, but has been leaked out early by Alfa Romeo itself.×433.jpg This is the first time the concept car has been seen in a color other than red. This new design […Read More]