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Autosplit – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Autosplit is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms with a unique premise. You play as a stuntman who rides on top of two trucks, and you have to either lay off the screen to split the trucks (and the stuntman’s legs) apart, or hold down on the screen to bring them back together and to stand him up. You can earn coins, unlock new rides and characters, and compete for high scores against players around the world. Read on for some tips and tricks for Autosplit!

With every round, you will have quests to complete in order to earn more coins. Some of them are straightforward enough. Others, such as destroying an obstacle, might be a little bit more difficult to figure out. To destroy an obstacle, wait for something to come up such as a cop car where you have to be right in the middle of split and standing. Then bring the trucks together to smash the car in between them.

You’re going to die very quickly for awhile in this game, so use that time to see and memorize the obstacles and what you have to do to pass them, so that you can pass them quickly and easily when you see them again. Some obstacles require multiple movements. Tanks and cranes, for example, require you to stand first, then split immediately after, because they’re two obstacles in one – a high obstacle with a low obstacle following it.

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As you earn coins, you will be able to unlock new characters. Once you earn 100 coins, you will be able to win a prize by pulling a lucky ticket. Take that ticket and choose one of the question marks on it and you will then be able to unlock either a new rider or new vehicles/animals/etc to ride on. Coins can be earned through video ad offers and by completing the missions, as well as found within the rounds themselves.

You can’t stay in the split position for too long or you’re going to die automatically. If you see an exclamation mark appear above your character’s head, that means they’re about to fall. Hit the screen quickly and then if you need to keep them in the split position, send them back to the split position. Keeping them in split too long without moving them results in a lot of mysterious deaths.

Any time that you see a pop up that says share on Facebook or Twitter, hit the button even if you don’t plan to follow through. The act of hitting the button alone will earn you the bonus coins for doing the share. And be sure to collect your free coin boxes frequently. Turning on push notifications is a good way to get a reminder of when you have a gift.