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Aviation Empire Platinum – Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Aviation Empire Platinum is a new airline management game for the iOS and Android, the sequel to the original Aviation Empire and a branded game by KLM Airlines. Your goal in this game is to acquire the landing rights to various airports, develop their connections and load up on amenities and facilities at each airport, as well as maximizing the amount of planes, and the quality of planes, that fly between them as you progress from the aviation pioneer age all the way to the modern age. Read on for some tips and tricks for Aviation Empire Platinum!

One unfortunate non-feature of this game is the lack of offline income. You won’t make any income in this game if you’re not active in the game; however, if the screen on your device is set to never sleep, you can plug it in and leave it open and earn income for all of the flights that go back and forth. So to make the most money in this game, leave the screen open when you’re asleep and leave the game active.

Most of the airports in this game are in Europe, although there are also airports from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Australia/Oceania included in the game. If you go to a major international airport, go to the game and log into the settings area. Enable the GPS and check in at the airport that you’re at. If you have an Android or a jail broken iOS device, you can use a GPS spoofer to check in without actually being at said airport.

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To increase the maintenance rating at an airport, add hangars or upgrade existing ones. To increase connections, add air traffic control towers or upgrade existing ones. To increase luxury, buy and add theaters or upgrade existing ones. Raze old tarmac and runways and add better ones to give an airport the capability to handle bigger and more lucrative aircraft. Adding all of these things will increase customer happiness as well as the money earned from the airport.

When you have a connection between two airports, you need to add airplanes in order to fly back and forth on your connected route. The more airplanes you add to a route, the more money you make. At first you will only have the De Havilland DH-9b, which is small with a low range, but as the years progress on you will unlock more aircraft and higher-range aircraft.

For a good active way to make a little bit of extra money, go to your map screen and tap the green pop-ups, because that’s the sign of a happy customer. When you tap it, you will earn extra money. The red and orange pop-ups can be used to figure out where you need to improve at a specific airport. Tap them and the customer will tell you what they were unhappy about. Use that to figure out what you should build or upgrade next.