AxE: Alliance vs Empire – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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AxE: Alliance vs Empire is a new action MMORPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Nexon that places you into the middle of a war between the Galanos Alliance and the Darkhaan Empire. You can pick one out of six character classes, join up with other players and with a guild to go on raids and quests together, load up on all sorts of equipment, and more.

Even if you just want to go it alone, there is still a massive amount of stuff for you to do. Plus, you have achievements, quests, and free stuff to collect, PvE and PvP modes aplenty, and lots of gold, spirit stones, and runes to earn. Read on for some tips and tricks for AxE: Alliance vs Empire!

You have three main character roles you can pick from, which are the tank, the attacker, and the healer. For the tank, you can either be a Titan or a Warrior, depending on which side you pick in the war. They both have high defense and health and great crowd control characteristics.

The Blademaster is a close-range combat specialist with ultra high attack power and high speed and low defense. The Mage is the long-range combat specialist with high attack and low defense. The archer is a ranged attacker who also acts as support and as a healer. The Valkyrie is a melee attacker who acts as support and as the healer, as well. So there are no true dedicated healers in this game – even the healers can be attackers.

Like most MMORPGs, you can switch back and forth between automatic and manual mode, both inside and outside of battle. Outside of battle, when you’re just moving from one quest to another, you’re fairly safe to keep it in auto mode the entire time. When you’re inside of battle, keep it in auto-mode only when the battles are easy enough that you don’t need to execute any real strategy.

Once the going gets even a little bit tough in battles, though, go right over to the manual mode. Automatic mode only does basic attacks and skills, but there is absolutely no effort made to do hit-and-run attacks or dodge enemy fire, so you’re going to take a ton of damage in the process. With manual mode, you can prevent and minimize damage by picking up on enemy attack patterns, avoiding attacks, and hitting when the enemy pauses.

Make the main quests a priority in this game. You have the main quests and the side quests, but don’t let the side quests distract you from the main ones. They’ll serve to give you the biggest rewards as well as introduce you to, and help you to unlock, all sorts of new aspects of the game. Plus, the main quests will move the story along, cluing you in as to why this war is going on in the first place.

You’re going to have to team up with other players, so join a guild as soon as possible to make it easier to find other players. Try to join a guild with a lot of active players and with a wide variety of different classes, so that you can easily build a well rounded team to take on raid bosses. Plus, being in a guild unlocks all sorts of exclusive rewards for you to get.

Equip your character in all of their equipment slots as soon as you can. Once you do that, then focus on upgrading to equipment with a higher rarity. Start sacrificing equipment that you no longer want or need in order to level up the pieces of equipment that you want to keep or wear. Focus your upgrades on the highest-rarity equipment, as they’ll be the most affected by upgrades, and they are the ones that are most likely to be kept for a long time and least likely to be replaced.

You have a lot of different options for skills in this game, and the choice of one set of skills vs another set can make two identical characters seem completely different from one another. You have passive vs active skills, for example; decide what skills you want based on what gameplay style you want to go for, and then upgrade accordingly. The biggest differences in how skill affects a player are usually seen in Rangers and Valkyries, as they can be trained into primarily healers or primarily attackers depending on what skills they are given.

You’ll unlock a number of new battle modes as you move forward through the game, such as the arena mode where you can do PvP battles, and the dungeons where you can farm rarer equipment, materials, and currencies. Play these game modes often, even if you’re not very good at them at first or if you lose a lot. You’ll learn how to strategize better in battle, and you’ll earn significant rewards.

As you get further into the game and you become unable to complete main quests immediately, then you should start doing some side quests so that you can build experience and upgrade your equipment. Additionally, follow the “!” and “N” icons whenever you can. If you see an icon with an “!” over it, then you can collect a reward. If you see an icon with an “N” over it, something new is available, such as a new weapon or a new skill.

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