– Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

By | May 6, 2018 is a new multiplayer game for the iOS and Android platforms with a simple premise: Throw an axe and kill your opponent, and avoid getting killed by an axe thrown by another player. You have loads of different play modes in this, though, as well as gems as your currency, and you can gain levels, unlock characters, and earn new skills. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

The core of the gameplay is to kill and avoid being killed, and the best way to do this is simply to practice. As you play more, your aim will get better, so your axe throws will be more likely to hit. You’ll also figure out the right times to hit the dodge button, so that you can avoid axes being thrown at you by other players.

The best thing to do at the beginning is to run around and pick up as many axes as possible. Pick up all that you can until you can’t hold anymore of them. You’ll be able to throw multiple axes, then you’ll be able to go and pick them up again after you throw them. And of course, the more enemies that you kill, the higher your level will get, so that you can unlock more skills, new characters, and other goodies.

When you die for the first time, you’ll be able to pay either 200 gems or to watch a video ad in order to continue on with the same level that you left off with. If you die again, then there’s no way to recover with the same level, but you will be able to triple your reward by watching another video ad.

There are two ways to earn new characters. One of them is to complete various tasks, such as to score 200 total kills between all of the games that you play. The other way is to simply pay gems; the more gems that you earn, the more characters you can unlock. Some will, of course, be more expensive than others, with the Dark Knight costing 30,000 gems to unlock.

There are many game modes that you can indulge in other than the default mode, which is Arena mode. Deathmatch will allow you to play against real players around the world. Battleground will put you into a PUBG/Fortnite-style level where 50 survivors fight until the last person is alive. Dragon Hunter will team you up with other players to fight against a raid boss.