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Ayakashi Ghost Guild for iOS and Android: How to get more silver, gold, and health points

In Ayakashi Ghost Guild, there are two types of currency. Silver is the primary currency of the game. It’s main use is to pay for fusions, so that you can power up your daemons and transmigrate them. Gold is the premium currency of the game. It’s much rarer than silver is, and its main use is to purchase premium items and, more importantly, to purchase rare summons and four star rarity Magatama summons. In edition, health, while not a currency, is this game’s version of energy. Health is important to the game because you need it in order to complete chapters in the story mode. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

Silver is fairly easy to get in Ayakashi, although if you are heavily fusing ghosts, especially with a high level base ghost, it can be easy to run out. Playing the story mode will always earn you more silver. In addition, when you enter into battle mode and do battle with other ghost agents, and you win, you can earn more silver. If you lose, though, you’ll lose some of your silver.

There are two additional ways to get silver. One is to sell excess daemon cards. The way to earn a LOT of silver, though, is to complete scroll bonuses relating to catching multiple ghosts of the same type – that is, phantom, Divina or anima. These scroll bonuses will earn tens of thousands of silver apiece.

There is only one way to get more gold in this game, unfortunately, and that is to buy it using real life money. To buy more gold, hit the menu button. Once you do that go to the item tab, and there will be an option to buy more gold. You can choose from many different gold packages, with the cheaper ones offering less gold and the more expensive ones offering more gold.

To get more health, you can either wait for it to regenerate, or if you gain an experience level, you will get a full health regeneration. In addition, if you have ability points left to allocate, wait to allocate them until you are out of health. Each one that you allocate to health will add a health point to your active health count (not just your maximum health count). You can also use a Remedy to fully restore your health, or a Divine Nectar to restore both health and spirit.

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