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Ayakashi Ghost Guild (iOS and Android) guide part 2: More tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Ayakashi Ghost Guild tips and tricks guide.

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When building your attack teams, to add a little bit of strategy, keep in mind the advantage that you get based on the types of ghosts in your attack party. There are three types of ghosts, which have a Rock Paper Scissors relationship. Phantom beats Anima, Anima beats Divina and Divina beats Phantom. It doesn’t matter as much for defense parties since you can’t predict who is gonna attack you.

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Try to put as even of a mix of ghost types as possible for your defense teams by setting priorities to your preferred cards. Don’t use your cabal chains when you are negotiating with one or two star ghosts. These are common and less powerful than uncommon ghosts. Save the cabal chains for the rarer ghosts (three, four and five star) that tend to be more difficult to negotiate with.

Maximize the effects of your Magatama by matching the type of the Magatama with the type of the ghost. However, if you are using fusion to level up a ghost that can transmigrate, wait until after your ghost transmigrates to use the Magatama, because after transmigration your ghost will drop back down to level 1. Transmigrations happen completely randomly when you are using fusion to power up a ghost that can transmigrate. The only way to transmigrate a ghost is to simply keep powering it up with fusion and eventually, it will transmigrate.

As you gain levels in the game (you yourself, not any of your ghosts) the maximum amount of people that are allowed to be in your crew will increase. As the maximum size increases, make sure to add people and max out your crew again so that you can earn more ability points, and so that you can poke them in order to earn more points for summoning new ghosts.