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Ayakashi Ghost Guild transmigration guide: How to transmigrate your ghosts

Ayakashi Ghost Guild is one of the most popular new card battling games out today. Not only can you collect ghosts, but you can also transmigrate many of them. Transmigration increases a ghost’s rarity, and also increases the ghost’s attack and defense. Read on to learn all about transmigration!

Any daemon that can transmigrate will have a small box of text next to it that says ‘transmigrates’. When you are fusing cards, pick the ghost that can transmigrate as your base card, and start fusing to increase the base card’s level. Only fuse one card at a time, because doing multi card fusions will decrease the chance that the ghost will transmigrate in any particular fusion.

At a random point, after the fusion is complete, the base ghost will become ready to transmigrate. At this point, you can either transmigrate the ghost or wait until later. If you wait til later, the option will still be there without having to fuse again, but there is no good reason to wait. It can take 1 fusion or 100 fusions before the ghost is ready to transmigrate. The occurrence is completely random – there is no way to tell when it’s going to happen before it actually happens. It also doesn’t matter what ghost you use as a mixer card, meaning that a regular old Pillow Phantom has just as much of a shot at causing the base card to transmigrate as a super enhanced Magatama.

Each ghost that can transmigrate can transmigrate up to two separate times. The first form is its base form, while the second form is the enhanced form and the third form is the ultimate form. Each enhancement will set the ghost back to level 1, so if you transmigrate a high level ghost, you might see a decrease in defense and attack, although that can be remedied by more fusions, of course.

In addition, each time you transmigrate your daemon, it’s rarity will increase by one star. Therefore, if you have a ghost that is a three star rarity in its base form, then it will increase to a four star rarity in its enhanced form, and then if you transmigrate it again, it will increase to a five star rarity in its ultimate form. Last, but certainly not least, the ghost will have new graphics when you transmigrate it.

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