Backyard Monsters: Advanced attack and defense strategies, tips, tricks, hints and cheats

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Backyard Monsters is a very popular Facebook game where you build a base with heavy armor, full of resource collectors and bins for the purpose of building a ton of resources, expanding and constructing new buildings, invading people’s bases with your own monsters, and looting like crazy. It’s a blast, but can also be massively frustrating and difficult. It can leave both beginners and advanced players looking for ways to annihilate opposing players’ bases more efficiently and effectively and to try to stop other more advanced players’ attacks. For advanced players, in particular, because of much harder monsters and defenses, this can be difficult. But read some advanced combat strategies, and defense strategies of the base …


Attack Strategies: Early in the game, all you need to invade and loot tons of items is a combination of Pokeys and Octo-ooze. The method is simple: First, send your Octo-ooze to draw fire from the watchtowers at the base you invade. Do not send them all at once – send a little at a time, in strategic locations around the backyard of your enemy, so they will attack the defense towers that are close to buildings that house resources. Then, after sending in Octo-ooze, send Pokeys as close to the silos and combines as you can get. The Pokeys do a lot of damage, and therefore you gain a lot of resources.


Later in the game, when you  unlock more monsters, you can change the strategy, using the same basic premise, but putting its application to more advanced monsters. For example, sending a lot of Ichi the way you used to send in Octo-ooze, but use them not only to absorb the firepower of the towers, but to do more damage and destroy the defense towers. Later you will invade yards with courtyards with more walls blocking the buildings. If you want to fight this, send a few eye-ra to destroy the walls – they usually break walls quickly.


Even better, if you want to go from attack to attack at a rate faster than the monsters and more, simply send in a round of Ichi to smoke all the opposition’s towers , then shoot a lot of Pokey (which, despite being the original monster in your repertoire, is still highly effective)


When your army completely destroys a building in the courtyard of an opposing player, pay attention to the final number that appears after doing the last of the damage. This large number is the amount of experience gained by the destruction of the building. Although the town hall that you destroy does not give anything in the way of resources, destruction of an opponent’s town hall in the yard floods you with experience points, so if you want to level up quickly, go after their town halls first.


Defensive strategies:


The first and most obvious is to build as many towers you can (and upgrade your town hall when you can to increase the limit). Make sure also that these towers are located adjacent to the buildings that it matters most to protect (the harvesters, town halls and storage silos). Too many people build their defense towers near non-essential buildings, such as monster closets and general stores. So build most defensive towers around your silos and harvesters.


It’s suggested to build your non-essential buildings on one side of your yard, and then the important ones on the other side of the base. Put your town hall with the buildings of its action, since it takes forever to fix, although it has no resources. Towers should encircle the important buildings. Keep a defense tower here and there for non-essential buildings, but most of them must protect the essential units.


Also important, too, is that later in the game, you will need to build defensive blocks to keep people away from really essential buildings.  As only have a limited number of defensive blocks can be used, it is important for your group of essential buildings (town hall, harvesters, or the resources) together and make sure they are the ones that are most surrounded by blocks. Too many people block only the council and monster locker, but none of these are as important to an attacker as the ones that have resources. Not only should you build the walls to protect the resources, but they make attacking your yard worthless, which increases the likelihood that others could instead of attacking your base, merely choose to forget your yard and attack other players.


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If you build a wall, don’t leave holes, because even if there is a large wall built, the monsters will simply slip through the holes and get to what’s inside. One exception, however: leave holes open as bait if you put a lot of traps either at or near the hole, or will put a tower reaching a short distance of defense (like a Tesla tower) near the hole. In this case, leaving one or two holes near the tower will be a force multiplier, on the defensive front. One way to make quick kills is leaving false “open areas”  near some buildings of resources, but stick traps near the buildings. Your invaders will see the open area and send out an entire unit of monsters, expecting an easy prey party. Disappointment will set in as their monsters get annihilated by your mines!. Better yet, put a level of about 5 or 6 towers of long range sniper in the range of the “open area” to make the defensive monster-killing easier.


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