Badminton League (iOS/Android) – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Badminton League is a new badminton competition game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play against other players, as well as against the computer, to make your way up the badminton ranks. You can earn gold coins and buy all kinds of upgrades, but it’s all about your technique when you’re playing against the best. Read on for some tips and tricks for Badminton League for the iOS and Android!

You have three types of shots that you can do. The short shot is the jack of all trades, while the long shot is one that has to be used strategically. The smash is the perfect response to another player’s long shot, and will dunk the shuttlecock right on the other player, making it extremely difficult to defend against.

When you’re serving, one of the most effective moves is to move close to the net and serve with the long shot. Then, when the shot is hit back, immediately do the smash hit to dive-bomb the shuttlecock into the opponent. Half the time, they won’t be able to defend. The other half, they will short-shot it back, so short-shot it back to them so that they don’t smash them onto you.

Oftentimes, you can win a round simply by trading short shots until your opponents blows a shot. Typically, after three shots apiece they will misfire at the next shot, so all that you have to do is wait them out and you can win the round almost unanimously. The first one to five points, or to a two-point advantage (whichever comes first) wins the round.

Use your coins wisely. Use your coins to purchase new equipment to improve your stats. You have three stats, which are endurance, technic or agility. Endurance is how long you can keep up trading shots before you lose endurance. Technic involves your accuracy with technique shots, and agility is how fast you can move back and forth across the floor.

You start off with a specific special skill; the beginning special skill allows you to speed up for a 15 second timespan. Others that you can purchase in the “equip” section include Super Smash, Replication (which allows you to turn 1 shuttlecock into 3 with a replication skill), and Technic, which gives you power hits for 10 seconds at a time.

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