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Badminton Stars: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Badminton Stars is a new iOS and Android 2D badminton game. You can create and customize a character any way that you want to in this game, then compete both against real players and against the computer for badminton supremacy. You can earn coins and skill points, use them to improve your player, and compete against the best that the computer and that the gaming world has to offer. Read on for some tips and tricks for Badminton Stars!

Your tapping accuracy determines how high of a chance your hit has of sliding past the other player. Tap as close to the center of the circle as you can – time it as needed so that you can go for that perfect hit, rather than a “good” hit. A perfect hit has a very good shot of slipping past the other player.

You start off with a specific stat layout and can earn skill points as you gain levels, as well as spend money on skill points. You can also subtract stats at any time, so you can go from balanced play to a character who is very strong in one stat or two stats, or whatever you want.

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Speed increases the speed of your character. Power increases the strength of your shots. Aggression increases the chances that your hit will be unhittable and that you’ll score a point. Accuracy increases the size of your hit circle and your perfect hit circle. Aggression and accuracy are easily thee most important of the two stats. Aggression makes it easier to attack and accuracy makes it easier to defend; speed and power don’t do much.

Water bottles are your main source of energy in this game. If you want to restore your water bottles instantly, go to the date and time settings on your phone and set the time ahead by an hour. Then go to the game and all of your water bottles will be restored. Set your phone back to the normal time after you do this, and the water bottles will still be there.

Take full advantage of all of your power ups plus your super moves. Use the super move as soon as it becomes available, but be aware that you still have to execute the hit; it’s possible to aim, miss, and lose your super move for a turn. Your special powers (max all stats and all perfect shots) are limited so use them sparingly in extra hard matches.