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Bakery Blitz! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Bakery Blitz is a new cooking game for the iOS and Android platforms by old-school social game developer RockYo, released for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game, your goal is to cook at high speeds so that you can serve your customers and make money. That money, of course, is then used to buy upgrades to cook even more dishes so that you can move from level to level and cook new dishes for new customers. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bakery Blitz!

One of the fastest ways to rack up coins is to chain combos together. To do this, after a customer drops money, let it sit there. Then serve all of the other customers until they are ready to pay. Once all of the available counter spots are filled with money, then collect all of it at once to chain together a combo. Repeat this throughout the entire round to maximize your coins.

Energy is a crucial component since in order to play more rounds, you have to use energy. If you run out of energy, you can either wait for it to come back or spend crystals to restore it. If you don’t want to wait or spend, though, log onto Facebook and you can send lives back and forth with any of your friends who play the game. Or, you can watch advertisement videos to gain free lives.

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Syncing the game allows you to play it on all of your mobile devices or Facebook using the same account; otherwise, you would end up having to play with different accounts. To sync the game on your mobile devices, go to the gear icon and hit the Facebook icon and complete the sync. If you play directly on Facebook then the game is already pre-synced.

Pay attention to what your customers order. Some of them will order the same thing every single time (usually, the customers that show up less often do this), so remember what they order so that you can cook it ahead of time. Others, typically the more common customers, will order different food every time.

Go to the bazaar to purchase upgrades that will help speed things along. The cake holding plate will give you more margin of error, especially on tougher levels as it allows you to store cakes inside without a risk of having them go bad. All of the other upgrades will speed things along, allowing you to cook faster. Upgrade them to the same levels to maximize the effects of the speed-ups.