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Ball King – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Ball King is a new iPhone and Android game where your goal is to simply shoot as many baskets as possible. You can shoot basketballs, bowling balls, giant hearts, and just about anything that you can think of. As you shoot you can collect gold, undertake both challenges and time trials, and compete to see if you can get a better score than anybody else. read on for some tips and tricks for Ball King!

You have to drag the aiming line to certain position in order to aim your shot, and it takes a little bit of practice to figure out the best way to aim. However, generally, you will find that the best way to aim is to have a line stop at a 45° angle to the top left from the hoop itself. The farther right the hoop is, the farther down the line will stop, but generally, start at a 45 degree angle and change it up from there as you need to.

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After you lose a round, you will be able to watch a video in exchange for free coins. Do the challenge mode in order to earn coins this way because you will die far more frequently in the challenge mode, ergo you will be able to earn a whole lot more coins. Do this to earn coins until you have enough to purchase a new ball.

You will also earn a free gift every so often that will consist of coins. If you want to earn the free gift far more frequently, set the time ahead in the date and time settings of your phone and then go back to the game after you have set it ahead to circumvent the timer. Do this anytime that you want free coins immediately.

Different balls have a different type of performance. The shape of the ball determines how it will react to the sides of the hoop, and different shapes will either stick to the hoop or roll off of it in different ways. For example, the save icon is almost a perfect square a while the bowling ball and other balls are perfectly round. They will interact with the hoop differently.

If you are playing in the time trial mode, you will want to shoot the ball as quickly as possible. However, if you want to play in the challenge mode, take your time so that you can shoot them all as accurately as possible. There is no time constraint whatsoever when you are playing in the challenge mode.