Ball Mayhem: Skins Unlock Guide: How to unlock all uniforms, dances, balls, fields, and players

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Ball Mayhem (also known as Football Mayhem) is a new iOS and Android quick-play football game where your goal is to score rapid-fire touchdowns against the other players and win as a team. You can play for wins, but you can also unlock TONS of new skins for uniforms, balls, goals, and plays, and you can unlock new touchdown dances as well. Being that there is no currency in the game, you have to do so by completing various actions. Read on for a guide on unlocking every skin in Ball Mayhem!

Blue Plaid: Reach Silver rank (level 4)
White: Reach Gold rank (level 7)
Leopard Print: Reach Platinum Rank (level 10)
Gray Camo Print: Reach Diamond Rank (level 13)
Green Camo: Reach Challenger Rank (level 16)
Blue Camo: Reach Champion Rank (level 19)

Forest green uniform: Run a total of 1,000 yards (not all in one game)
Gray uniform: Run a total of 2,500 yards.
Red with White Stars: Run a total of 12,500 yards.
Purple uniform: Tackle 100 opponents (all time, not in just one game)
Turquoise uniform: Tackle 500 opponents all time.
Black with White Stars: Tackle 1,000 opponents all time.

Green Plaid: Win fifteen games total.
Black: Win 50 games total.
Tiger Stripes: Win 100 games total.
Red Plaid: Score a touchdown in overtime. You have to be the one to score it, it can’t be just your team.
American Flag: Collect a total of 200 diamonds.

The Bounce: Play the game in two separate days (doesn’t have to be in a row)
Yeet: Play the game four different days.
Flamenco Boob Shake: Play the game in seven different days.
Soulja Boy: Score 10 total touchdowns all time, not in one game)
Chicken Dance: Score 100 touchdowns all time
Limbo: Score 200 touchdowns all time.

Barrel: Have 10 interceptions total (meaning run into the player with the ball, tackle them, and steal the ball)
Cheese Wheel: Intercept 50 balls over time.
Bomb: Intercept 150 balls over time.
Watermelon: Score eight touchdowns in a single game (NOT over time)

Eggplant: Play in a total of five games.
Hot Dog: Play in a total of 25 games.
Popcorn: Play in a total of 100 games.
Treasure Box: Keep the ball for a total of 80 seconds.

The new skins for the filed can only be purchased for 750 diamonds apiece, except for the urban setting which can be earned with MVP membership. Each individual player style can be purchased by spending a total of 350 diamond each, except for the one-eyed cyborg which can be earned with MVP membership.

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