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Ball Pack (Ketchapp): Top Tips, Walkthrough, Hacks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Ball Pack is a new game by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platforms where you jump balls over obstacles across multiple trails at once. You have to focus hard in order to keep them straight, because it’s easy to hit the wrong side or both sides by accident. You can earn gems, get new balls and other goodies, and make it to tougher and tougher levels. Read on for some tips and tricks or Ball Pack!

Even though the obstacles will come on two different sides, they will tend to come at about the same speed. You can time the taps for awhile to make it easier to line up your ball at the right jumping spot, but as you get further into the levels, the obstacles will be spaced more and more differently, making it tough to time them.

You can earn diamonds on rare occasions; they don’t show up all that often. If you want to earn free diamonds guaranteed, go to the shop area and tap on one of the video icons to watch an ad video. When the video is done, the free diamond will show up. You can watch these videos as many times as you want until the game literally runs out of videos to show you.

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Using these diamonds, you can then buy either balls, trails, or paths. Even though you only earn one diamond per video, most of these new items only cost one, two, or three diamonds. Characters change your ball into something different; for example, following Instagram through the game gives you a donut, and following the game on Facebook gives you a cube formation.

Your first instinct will be to play the game with two fingers (one thumb on each hand) but you can change up your method of playing, too. Use one thumb and tap either side of the screen if you’re struggling, as it’s often easier to go back and forth that way and play with only one thumb.

Tap on the high scores button to see who the top players in the world are. The high scores are judged by what level you’re on, not by the actual score, so it’s very easy to tell if someone is trying to scam a hacked high score across or if the score islanders edit.


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