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Baller Legends – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Baller Legends is a new basket-shooting game for the iPhone and iPad. Your mission is to shoot as many baskets as you can, in order to earn as much money as you can, which you can then use to buy more balls and other goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to win at Baller Legends!

You don’t have to aim to the left or to the right at all in order to make your free throw go through the baskets. All that you have to do to win at this game is swipe the correct distance until the bar fills up enough to hit the arrow that denotes how far your shot will go. If it’s anywhere within the arrow, generally, it will go through. If not, it won’t.

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Later on you will be able to buy more balls, and these ball will increase your accuracy a little bit. This means that points will be easier to score as you’ll get more “perfect” shots, and you will have a higher margin of error when it comes to how far off the mark that you can be and still land the shot.

In the harder version of arcade mode, wind speed will come into play. To beat the wind speed, generally you won’t have to swipe against it at all; you will just have to make it to the arrow with a little bit more accuracy than before, because the wind will give you a lower margin for error. The faster that the wind is blowing, the higher the margin of error will be.

The only thing that affects your stats in this game is the ball that you have. You can go to the shop and purchase other goodies as well, such as new shorts, new shoes, new shirts, and new characters, as well as different body builds. They won’t affect your numbers at all. Only the basketballs will affect your numbers.

Stars are sort of a premium currency in this game, but you can’t purchase stars; you can only earn them by completing the challenges. You can purchase coins or earn them through the game. Overall, they will purchase you the same usual batch of stuff. You can also earn 5 coins at a time by watching advertisement videos in the IAP store.