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Ballz (Ketchapp): Top 11 Tips, Cheats, Tricks, Strategies, Hacks and Glitches, Page 2

6: At the end of a round, you will have a chance to take a video offer in order to restart from the point in the level that you left off that. When you do this, all of the tiles will shift positions, often making it easier for you to move further along in to the next round. Either way, you have a chance to score more points before you die again.

7: If you know that you are going to die after the current shot no matter what you do, then instead of trying to all of the lowest tiles with your next shot, shoot the balls up to where you will collect as many white balls as possible instead. Watch the video at the end, then restart the round and you will have all of the white balls after you restart. Think about the future when you play, especially if a restart is part of your strategy.

8: Normally you will only have one restart per round. If after the restart you score a massive amount of points, though, often when you die again, there will be a second restart waiting for you. It will never be there when you already have a high score, but if you are close to a high score, then you will have a good chance of seeing it.

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9: Even though you have to spend 200 rings in order to get a new ball, there are a few different balls that you can earn it for free. Go to the ball shop and two of them will be available in exchange for having a Facebook like button. The moment that you to have it in the game, you will earn the free ball. You don’t even have to like the game or the company once it flips over to the Facebook app or to the browser depending on if you have the app downloaded.

10: If you have a straight shot on the board, but you can bounce the ball off of the wall in order to make the same shot, your best bet is to bounce the ball off of the wall in order to get a more sideways trajectory. The more sideways that you can get while still maintaining good aim, especially going up into a hole, the more residual hits that you can get on other tiles or even on the same tile, depending on the bounce.

11: If you want to become the best player in the world at this game, then when you go to the high score area, ignore the scores that seem completely unrealistic, such as 9 million points. Those are scores that have resulted from hacking the game. Scroll down to the scores that are difficult but look realistic. These are the ones that you should measure yourself against.

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