Band Stars – How to get more Coins, Inspirado and Energy Drinks

Band Stars, which recently made the jump from Facebook and Google+ to the iOS and Android platforms, has three different kinds of currency, unlike most freemium games, which have two. Coins are the main currency of Band Stars, and is used to make most of your purchases. Inspirado is the secondary currency, and is used to pump up your band members during recording. Energy Drinks are the premium currency of the game, and are used to restore band members’ energy and to purchase new VIP rooms. Read on to find out how to get more of all three of Band Stars’ currencies!

Coins are mainly earned from recording songs. The higher up in the charts you end up, the more coins you earn, so you want to earn the highest scores per song in order to do so. Do this by upgrading your band members via training, upgrading your instruments, and playing solos (especially the solos). If you have every band member solo in the same song, you can make it very high in the charts compared to if nobody solos.

If you make number one in a chart, you move up to the next chart, and the higher the chart, the more money can be made per song. Also, whenever you get the chance to make a song go viral, take it – it will make your earnings skyrocket, as well as your royalties. The more songs you record, the more overall royalties you’ll earn at random times.

Inspirado is earning when recording, but you can earn far more of it by doing free jams. To do this, place your musicians at an instrument, and they will begin jamming on their own. They will use up more energy as they stay there longer, but if you are about to go to sleep or otherwise not play for awhile, blow all of their energy at the free jam area, earn a ton of inspirado, and then use it for solos.

To get more energy drinks, complete quests, because you will earn bonuses every time. You’ll earn energy drinks as you complete new quests, and as you complete all of the quests for each band member. Also, you’ll earn them simply for recording songs. The better the music and lyrics match and the higher the chart position, the better of a shot you’ll have at earning energy drinks.

Also, if you haven’t already, connect the game to Facebook or Google+. Doing so will earn you 5 free drinks.

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