Band Stars – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Band Stars is a new app that lets you create your very own band, record and release songs of almost any genre that you can think of, and earn all kinds of money and fans. As you go you’ll train and upgrade your band members and your equipment, get new instruments and furniture, while collecting coins, inspirado and energy drinks. Read on for some tips and tricks for Band Stars!

The first thing you’re judged on is how well the music matches the lyrics – luckily, you aren’t writing the lyrics, just picking the genre. You’ll know if you hit a perfect match when a green smiley face pops up. If anything but a green smiley face pops up, close out of the app completely and then reopen it, and the game will pick up right before the choice to record, so you can get a free shot at trying to choose your lyrics again.

If you are trying to earn more inspirado, you can do a free jam session by placing any of your bandmates at an instrument. Do this only when you have a lot of energy drinks or don’t plan to play for awhile, though, because you will use up your energy VERY quickly.

Save money so that you can recruit more band members. Use the more expensive recruiting methods to recruit more talented/skilled band members – you’ll have to train them less often so you’ll actually save money in the long run. Plus, maxing out your possible number of band members will allow you to keep recording more consistently.

To add more stars to your band members and level up your band, complete the challenges as quickly as possible. Claim the prize immediately afterwards so that you can unlock another challenge – this can allow you to complete more than four challenges at a time in one song, depending on what the challenges are and if they involve something during recording (such as playing solos or generating inspirado).

Save your inspirado up by not doing any solos during a few songs. Save up enough so that you can have every single band member solo during the same song later on – this is the easiest way to get your song to hit the number 1 charts. A number one song will earn the most coins by far, will allow you to move up to a new type of chart, and will allow you to do more upgrades to your equipment and to give training to band members more quickly, thus improving the status of the rest of your future songs. Click here to continue on to part two of the Band Stars tips and tricks guide!

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