Band Stars – Top 12 Tips, Tricks and Cheats, Part 2

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Welcome to part two of the Band Stars top twelve tips and tricks! Click here to go back to part one.

6) Record as many songs as you can so that you can earn as many royalties as possible.
You have two ways of earning coins – from the initial sales of the song, which happen shortly after you record it, and from the royalties, which come as time goes on. The more songs you record, the more royalties you earn. Record five or six songs before bed, and when you wake up in the morning, you will be flooded with royalty coins.

5) Train your band members to improve your songs’ chart standings.
Training your band members will automatically increase your score per song (as long as the training involves something they use consistently). For band members that switch around a lot, train them fairly evenly. However, other band members, you can be more specific for. Examples of this include…

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4) Train your songwriter and your mixer in very specific ways.
If you have a dedicated songwriter, train his or her lyrics and creativity over and over. If you have a dedicated mixer, train their polish over and over. These are the two most important positions for your band, because your songwriter and mixer will increase the score for EVERYBODY, while each individual band member will increase the score for themselves during recording.

3) Make it to the next chart up by making number 1 on the current chart.
If you make number one on the local chart, you will move up to the national charts permanently. If you make number one on the national charts, you will move up to the global charts permanently. The higher the chart, the more band members you can use in each recorded song, and the more money that you can earn.

2) Band members running out of energy? Use furniture to help them restore it.
Buy more furniture so that you can put your band members on it when they run out of energy. This helps energy restore far more quickly. The more furniture you have, the more band members that you can rejuvenate quickly without having to spend energy drinks.

1) Buy as many band members as you can in order to play for as long as possible.
Sure, you will have to spend a lot of coins and energy drinks initially in order to get the auditions and the space, but once you are loaded with band members, you will be able to record almost endlessly, which will net you far more energy drinks and coins, enable you to complete more challenges for free energy drinks, earn more fans, and record more songs. It’s a small investment for a huge payoff.

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