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BangBang Survivor – How To Unlock More Mercenaries and Get Epic, Legendary, Peerless, and Supreme Equipment and Gems

BangBang Survivor is a new idle shooting roguelike for the iOS and Android Platforms featuring you as a solo soldier, complete with a robot by your side who fires attacks as well. Your goal is to make it from level to level, upgrade your primary weapon and your power up weapons, earn coins and diamonds, and more.

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There are a ton of different things that you can unlock within this game, one being fine, rare, epic, legendary, and peerless equipment and gems, which are worth massive statistical boosts that will help you in battle. You can also unlock brand new mercenaries, which allow you to change your character and their traits, as well as their appearance entirely.

Continue reading for a guide to unlocking new mercenaries and earning fine, rare, epic, legendary, peerless, and supreme gems and equipment in BangBang Survivor!

Earning gems and equipment is done much the same way in this game. The main difference is that there is a larger variety of gems; there is only one type of equipment for each equipment slot, but there are different rarities of the same equipment.

Gems mainly come from the chests that you can buy in the store. The common chest gives you a chance at every rarity of gem except one, from common to peerless. The brilliant chest gives you a chance at everything from fine all the way up to supreme.

Additionally, you can merge five identical gems from the same equipment slot together in order to make gems of the next highest rarity. You can continue doing this for better and better gems, so be sure to open as many chests as you possibly can in order to maximize the amount of gems that you can collect and merge.

Equipment, surprisingly, usually does not come from chests, but rather, from collecting offline income and from playing levels. Even when you don’t beat a stage, you will typically earn a piece of equipment for finishing it, and while the drop is usually common equipment, you can also earn rare, fine, and sometimes epic.

Your best chance of earning blue and purple equipment is by completing the elite versions of various levels. Click on the “?“ icon in order to see what the rewards for each stage are, then play the ones that have the highest equipment awards.

There are also different equipment tiers, which are listed as T1, T2, T3, and so forth. The equipment tiers change every 10 levels or so, with level 10 being the first time that you can unlock T2 equipment. The higher the tier, the stronger the equipment is for the rarity, so try to fill your stash with equipment of the highest level possible.

You can decompose equipment that you don’t need in order to get craft stones. Craft stones allow you to craft, or ascend, a piece of equipment, in order to increase it to the next highest rarity. This is the only way to get equipment that is higher than Epic, and typically, this is a faster way to get rarer equipment than trying to grind the same levels over and over.

An easy way to get more craft stones is to grind levels, but instead of finishing them all the way through, quit as soon as you gain your first level. Once you gain your first level, then you will a piece of equipment as soon as you quit, and if you keep grinding for new equipment, then you will be able to decompose a massive amount of them at once.

New mercenaries and characters are what everybody wants to figure out how to do in this game, but it’s one of the last things that you unlock. When you hit character level 40, then you unlock the inn, also known as the bar. You probably built up recruitment tickets now, so once you unlock the inn, go use your recruitment tickets to get new mercenaries. More recruitment tickets can be found in the in-game store.