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Banzai Blade for iPhone: How to get more Blossoms

Banzai Blade is a new cartoon network game for the iPhone. It’s an auto running game, but instead of surviving by dodging back, forth, and side to side to go around obstacles, instead you survive by using your hack and slash weapons to defeat enemies such as goblins and dragons. Blossoms are the main currency of the game, and they are used to buy new weapons, new armor, upgrades for your character, and special items. Read on to find out how to get more of all of them!

First of all, there are a few upgrades that will give you more Blossoms per enemy that you defeat. One of them is to upgrade your weapon to the Training Shuto as soon as possible, which considering that it costs 750 Blossoms to buy, should be very soon. The Training Shuto, which is under the weapons tab, forces enemies to drop more Blossoms when you beat them – to be exact, it tends to earn around 10 percent more blossoms, which considering that it’s only 750 to begin with, it pays for itself quickly.

Another one is the Blossom Upgrade series which is inside of the “Upgrades” section of the store. Each Blossom Upgrade that you buy earns you more and more Blossoms per enemy killed, just like the Training Shuto, and when you combine the effectiveness of the two, you can be earning FAR more blossoms.

When you are inside the stages, try to rack up the longest combo attacks possible in order to get more blossoms quicker. Do this not only against the red goblins, but the black goblins too (which is possible if you get the killing blow in consecutively – it does not count the rest of the hits).

Also, every time that you see one of those red Japanese paper lanterns hanging from a wire or an arch overhead, slice it and you will earn around 50 Blossoms (plus whatever percentage bonus you have from the Training Shuto and Blossom Upgrades)