Baseball General Manager 2014: Tips and Cheats – The Strategy Guide

By | July 10, 2014

Baseball General Manager 2014 is the latest entry in the General Manager series, this one focusing on Major League Baseball. Your goal as the GM is to build the best team possible, hire the best coaches to train them, and to beat other players’ teams. Read on for some tips and tricks for Baseball General Manager 2014!

Your players’ stats will increase and decrease daily, depending on what their actual, real-life daily performance has been like. For example, if a player just hit a homer in real life, their score will go up in Baseball General Manager 2014, and if they went 0 for 4, their scores will go down. So find players who are good yet currently in slumps and are due for a hot streak, and add them to your team.

Keep your training going as much as possible, because training will increase your players’ scores for free. Hire better coaches to unlock more training spots, so that you can train your team rapidly and so that you can recover from games, since when you play against other players, your players’ scores will drop due to being tired.

When finding another match, find the team whose featured player has the lowest score. Generally, this means that their overall team score will be low, making them easy prey for your team. If you run out of weak players, hit the reload button to repopulate the list of rival players to find weak ones again.

By the same token, if you want to trick other players into playing against you and losing, make sure that your entire starting lineup has scores that are as close to identical as possible. That means that your score will by sky high in comparison to your featured player’s score, making you a lot stronger than you’ll appear at first blush.

Want to stop your money from getting taken by other players? Deposit it into the bank. There will be a 10 percent deposit fee to put your money in, but the upside is that the money is then protected against other players, making it worthless for them to play a game against you even if they do win.