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Baseball Megastar – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Strategies, and Upgrade Guide

Baseball Megastar is a new mission-based baseball game for the iOS and Android platforms. Instead of playing an entire game of baseball, you’ll be participating in missions where you’re inserted into the middle of a game, and you’re given three missions per level to complete. You can upgrade your player and their equipment, move from team to team, and control every aspect of hitting from your at-bats. Read on for some tips and tricks for Baseball Megastar!

Using the swipe to hit the ball in different directions is an easy way to choose from hitting a single, double, or a home run. You can swipe up for the homer, down for the line drive, or stay neutral for a higher line drive. Swipe left and right to do a push or pull hit (push is opposite field, pull is same direction). You can swipe diagonal to do a combination hit (such as a push home run or a pull line drive), as well.

Pay attention to what the missions are before you begin a game. You have three of them and for each one that you complete, you earn one star. You can always go back to a one-star or two-star level to complete more missions if you don’t have enough stars to move forward to a new set of levels. If you miss the missions, just try to score a bunch of runs and then go back and complete them later.

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Wait for your pitch. Don’t swing at everything. If you swing at a ball, you’ll maybe get a single but you’ll often ground out or fly out, and that’s even if you make contact at all. If you swing at something inside the strike zone and you time the swing properly, you’ll make whatever kind of hit you want to. Watch the balls and strikes and wait for your good pitch.

Whenever you get a new piece of equipment, check to see if the score is better than your current piece of equipment in the same slot (if you have one) before you get it. Equipment can be earned from inside of the game itself, or it can be earned from the gear purchases inside of the store. The rarer the gear, the more cash it will cost.

Cash is the main currency of this game, and while it can be purchased, there are two ways to earn it for free. One of them is to watch an ad video whenever they pop up, which is often, usually after a level. The other is to collect the daily bonus whenever you log in for the first time in a day. If you miss the first time in a day, then any future time in that same day will work.