Baseball Slam (Zynga) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Baseball Slam is a brand new home run derby game by Zynga and Zindagi Games, and is the latest in Zynga’s massive onslaught of 3D mobile games. This iPhone home run derby game puts you as a baseball player in some wild and crazy stadiums, and your goal is to use your home runs to knock out various parts of the background and environment in order to achieve the highest score possible and to gain three stars on every level. You can even send games back and forth with your Facebook friends a la. Running With Friends or Words With Friends. Read on for some tips and tricks for Baseball Slam!

The worst thing you can do in Baseball Slam is to swing and miss, because you have a limited number of balls that you can hit, so one ball that counts for nothing can really drag down your score. Luckily, the timing is the same almost every time. Put your finger down on home plate to start the pitch, wait for the pitch to be thrown, and then as the pitch is in mid air, it will slow down. Swing at this time. This timing will work every time.

If you can use the power ups correctly, you can go for insanely high scores. The pinball power up can essentially earn you free hits because the ball will bounce off of the background and then fly right back across the plate, so be sure to prepare and swing every time that it crosses back over the plate. The three ball power up will automatically hit any bonus target or chainable target that you swipe over. The freeze power up will stop any moving object (especially flying diamonds) in mid air so that you can hit it more easily.

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Any time that you hit an object and a chain pops up over it with one green link, hit it again and again until you fill the chain. Filling the chain will earn you a large amount of points. Also, if you complete your round’s mission as quickly as possible, then you’ll finish the round with balls left over, which will earn you 10,000 points per extra ball.

Save your coins so that you can buy better bats, which will give you score bonuses and make it far easier for you to earn more stars on stages. Plus, they will make it easier for you to beat your friends in Baseball Slam.

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