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Basketball FRVR: Tips and Tricks Guide: How to get high scores and dominate your friends!

Basketball FRVR is a highly popular Facebook Messenger game that can be played on iOS, Android, desktop, and any platform that supports FBM. Your goal in this game is to shoot as many baskets in a row as possible, and to compete against your friends’ high scores. You can unlock new balls, shoot tougher and tougher baskets, and compete for the bragging rights of your group chat, without even using a hack. Read on for some tips and tricks for Basketball FRVR!

Playing this game is fairly obvious on any of the mobile platforms, but most people might not think to try it on a desktop or a laptop. To make it happen on these platforms, instead of swiping up to shoot the ball, click the mouse and hold it down, then move the arrow up and let go to shoot the ball. If you have a touch screen computer, though, you can play it the traditional way.

You can use shorter or longer swipes to make different techniques happen. If you do a shorter swipe, end the swipe in the middle of the backboard, in between where the colors shift. This will be your best bet for shooting a three-pointer. When the basket starts moving around the board, you’ll have to adjust your aim a little bit to compensate, and when it starts moving constantly, you’ll have to line the shot up and time it right in order to make the shot.

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You can earn coins by shooting the ball through the basket when they pop up. Collect coins and you can unlock new balls. When you get enough, you will be able to buy a new ball. The new ball will perform exactly the same as the old one; it will merely allow you to collect new balls and to change the look of your ball.

To rack up points as quickly as possible, shoot as many three-pointers as possible in a row. The first one is worth three points. The second one in a row is worth six points, and the third in a row and on are worth 9 points apiece. Keep shooting three-pointers consecutively to cause your score to skyrocket. Get good enough and you can even beat people who hack the scores.

Every five minutes, you will be able to collect five free coins. This is your quickest method of earning coins unless you are a crack shot who can rattle off massive numbers of coin shots per round. Keep checking back every five minutes in order to collect your free coins if you want to get all of the balls quickly, or to get the most expensive balls.