Batman: Arkham Origins (iOS/Android): How to get more Upgrade Points and free Waynetech Points

Batman: Arkham Origins is a new brawler for the iOS and Android that’s loosely based off of the console game of the same name. Gameplaywise, it can best be described as a successor to Injustice: Gods Among Us, as the fighting mechanics are very similar, but you’ll be facing a whole host of different villains in this game that are more unique to the Batman franchise. Upgrade points are the primary currency in the game, while Waynetech points are the premium currency. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

Winning battles is the main known way to get upgrade points, and it’s your key way, but there are ways to do it more efficiently. If you are seemingly stuck, go back to easier, earlier battles and fight them to grind for upgrade points. They might not pay out as much, but losing any battle pays out exactly zero upgrade points, so any winnable battle will help you.

Keep upgrading your skills and your two stances, and especially your special attacks, so that you have the capability to win tougher battles, and thus earn more upgrade points. Upgrade your batsuits too, because even though they are expensive, they will give you HUGE increases in attack power and health, as well as attack reduction.

When playing the rated battles (one out of five stars), you will get more upgrade points based on how many stars you earn. Earn more stars by using more specials, blocking more normal and enraged attacks, and keeping your power level high. If you are playing an easy starred battle and are killing your opponents too quickly to earn all five stars, then go back to the upgrade screen and equip one of your weaker batsuits for the battle.

You can get free Waynetech points by beating certain battles in the game. The ones that will most commonly earn you Waynetech points are the assassin ambushes, which pop up randomly throughout the game, and which you will have to fight in order to be able to do anything else. Boss battles for each area will also earn you free Waynetech points when you beat them, but not miniboss battles in any of the areas.

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