Batman: Arkham Origins (iOS/Android) – Top 10 Tips and Cheats, Part 2

Welcome to the top 5 tips and tricks for Batman: Arkham Origins! Click here to go back to part 1 of the top 10 tips and cheats guide for the game.

5) Use gradual upgrades to slowly become massively powerful.
They don’t work as quickly as batsuits, but upgrading your skills will turn you into a powerhouse. Use Tailor Made to add a percentage bonus to the power of any batsuit, and use Fisticuffs to give a bonus to the power of your main attack. Use Pinpoint Accuracy to increase the power of your critical hits, Strong Chin to stop yourself from getting stunned by enemy attacks, Advantageous Strike to do more damage to a stunned enemy, and Master Combatant to have a chance at instantly refreshing a special ability after you use it.

4) Log into the WB with your WBID to get new batsuits and other goodies.
Tap the menu button and you will see an option called “Unlockables”. Tap here to either register a new Warner Brothers ID, or WBID, or to login using ne you have previously registered, and you can earn goodies that include new batsuits, which can oftentimes be even more powerful than the batsuits you are able to unlock otherwise.

3) Want to get more Waynetech points? Fight the right battles to get them for free.
Anytime that you get ambushed by an assassin, if you win, you will get one free Waynetech point. If you beat an area boss, you will earn more than one free Waynetech point. Fight in the Uptown area to find the easiest assassins (they will attack you randomly), thus allowing you to earn the easiest Waynetech points.

2) Gain experience levels to get more powerful.
Get experience points by winning battles. Do the same thing that you do to gain more upgrade points – fight battles that you can win, because winning earns about 10x more experience points than losing. Each time you gain a level, your attack power and health will increase.

1) Set the time ahead on your device to recover free stamina.
Stamina can be revived with one Waynetech point, but why spend your Waynetech points when you can just get free energy by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet? If you want to get a full energy revival, set your iPhone, iPad or Android device an hour an a half ahead, and then go back to the game to use your free energy. Do this as many times as you’d like.

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