Batman & The Flash: Hero Run – Tips and Cheats: The Ultimate Strategy Guide

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Batman & The Flash: Hero Run is a creative new endless running game by GREE Inc for the iOS and Android platforms. The main thing that separates this one from the glut of other Temple Run clones out there is the sheer number of stages and characters in this game, as well as elements that are, oddly enough, borrowed from card-battling games. Read on for some tips and tricks for Batman & The Flash: Hero Run!

The game never speeds up, which is unusual for an endless runner, so once you master how to avoid every obstacle in a particular stage, you can play almost endlessly, at least until the boss character comes. Bosses are tough, though. They have a different pattern and then a vulnerable period where you have to shoot them three times. Shoot them three times and you will knock them out and continue the level.

Your cards can gain experience points for doing certain things in levels, but especially for knocking out enemies. Don’t waste your ammunition on small enemies. Just run right into them, and they will be knocked off immediately and you will earn experience points. Save your ammunition for the big enemies and for the boss characters, since neither one can be beaten without it.

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You start off with only one heart, meaning that if you get hit once you die. Level up any card to level 5 and then evolve it by combining it with an identical card, and you will earn an evolved version of that card, with a second heart. Keep evolving to keep increasing your card’s heart count.

All of your characters will have the same batch of missions. Check your mission on the title screen under the “missions” button, then pick from your choice of characters based on which one the quests seem to be more tailored to. You should never spend any coins to skip a quest, because coins can be far better spent on cards.

Log into Facebook with the game and you will get 50 free gems. As for more coins, you can get more by purchasing various power ups in the store. They might not seem like they do a whole lot, but they can really add up – for example, if you run far enough, purchasing two of the multi coin upgrades can end up paying itself off after about 10 long runs.

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