Battle Alert Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Battle Alert is a new military strategy defense game by xing cloud for the iPhone, iPad and Android. This game pits you against a whole raft of enemy soldiers, as you move city through city, destroying their bases and freeing the cities that they’ve subjugated, collecting gold, oil, and coins/credits. The gameplay is much like Clash of Clans, Backyard Monsters, and War Commander, three games which were also smash hits, spawned countless imitators and are completely addicting. Read on for some tips and tricks for Battle Alert!

Defending your city is a fairly simple matter. Your most important modes of defense are your gun turrets. Put all of your important buildings (mainly, the resource buildings and command center, but also the barracks so that you can continue training troops) together, and surround them with turrets, walls, and scud missiles. Place a mine factory and stick mines all over the place outside of your walls, and they’ll easily blow up enemy troops who try to attack.

In addition, place your troops around your city fairly evenly, but hide them behind your walls so that they are much less likely to be killed by other enemy troops. Always try to keep a large number of troops around, and upgrade the command center so that you can increase your total number of troops to an even higher maximum number.

While you’re still in beginner protection, load up your base with military buildings other than the barracks. Put down war factories, airforce centers and battle labs so that you can train aircraft, tanks and other military vehicles, and discover more advanced vehicles and fighters. As always, upgrade your gold and oil storage as quickly as possible so that you can hold large amounts of both, and use them for training purposes.

Send in one or two soldiers or marines at a time once you get to the point in the game where enemy bases and your rivals start putting mines everywhere. One soldier or marine is all it takes to set off a whole group of mines. Send them to different points around the enemy base so that you can set off mines, then send the whole rest of your army out in the enemy’s weakest side, and they’ll destroy the enemy city.

Have enough troops that you can send them out in waves. Send the first wave in to take out the enemy’s gun turrets and other defense buildings, as well as to take out enemy troops. Then, send another wave in to take out the enemy buildings once the first wave dies.