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Battle Breakers: Full Unlock Guide – All Buildings, Evolve and Promote Heroes, and more!

Battle Breakers is a new RPG by Fortnite creator Epic Games, featuring many characters in common with Fortnite, as well as a ton of things to do and to unlock. You’re constantly unlocking new stuff, whether it’s buildings, hero upgrade methods, or more.

Read on for a full guide to how and why to unlock everything in Battle Breakers!


Your Headquarters is available right from the conclusion of the tutorial (beat level 1-4), but you also are going to need to upgrade it constantly to keep your heroes strong. Each new upgrade level requires a specific player experience level, plus occasionally gems.

The point of upgrading your Headquarters is to increase your maximum hero experience levels. Each upgrade increases your maximum hero level by 5. So at HQ level 1, you can level your heroes to 10, but at level 2, you can level up your heroes to 15.

Ancient Factory

The Ancient Factory allows you to claim random items often, or to spend stars and convert them to gold coins. This is also available from the beginning, but requires different levels to upgrade.

Each upgrade increases the variety of items that you can pick up here, so that you can go here to claim items related to future unlocked features (evolution, promotion, etc).

Marketplace Gateway

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The Marketplace Gateway is available after beating stage 1-3. You can go here to buy common or uncommon items in exchange for gold, and often to claim items for free.

The shop refreshes every 24 hours or so, or you can refresh the shop by spending 50 gems. You can upgrade the shop to get a better selection of items. Each upgrade to the shop requires a specific player experience level plus gold, and allows you to buy better items in the store.

Crystal Forge

You can unlock the Crystal Forge after beating stage 2-6. Once you start getting equipment for your characters, you will really want the Crystal Forge.

The reason for that is that the Crystal Forge will allow you to level up and evolve your gear. Each upgrade will allow you to level and evolve your gear to even higher levels.

Burny Mine

You can unlock the Burny Mine when you beat level 2-3. This allows you to go on mining expeditions in exchange for gold. With each expedition, you have a 50% chance of unlocking a deeper mine level.

Expeditions into the mine earn you ore, and the deeper you go into the mine, the better your yields will be.

Yulang’s Secret Shop

This is located just to the left of the Forest of Mixed Emotions. You need to pay 100 Gems in order to get into the shop, but once you do, you’ll be able to get in for free in the future.

In the Secret Shop, you can buy items that you would be able to buy elsewhere, but for far cheaper prices. This includes items that cost gold or that cost gems. There’s a number of free items in here that you can claim, too, and the shop refreshes every 24 hours, so you can continually go in and get free goods.

Hero Promotion

This unlocks when you reach player level 50. This allows you to increase the maximum level of your hero, the maximum elixir consumption of your hero, and increases the power of their special ability. Promotion requires essences of your hero’s element type.


Unlock this once you hit player level 35. When you evolve a hero, you increase every single one of their stats greatly, as well as giving them better attributes. This is one of the most overpowered upgrades, so search for opportunities to evolve your hero when you unlock this.

Skill Upgrade

This unlocks after beating level 3-1. With the skill upgrade, you’ll be able to improve your hero’s special skills/swipe skills.


This unlocks at the same time the Crystal Forge does, when you beat level 2-6. This allows you to outfit your heroes with weapons and armor in order to improve their stats. Plus, you will be able to upgrade and evolve your gear to make it even stronger and more powerful.


This allows you to permanently increase the skill of a hero, but you can only give them a specific number of elixirs. Promote your hero to increase the maximum amount of elixirs that they can consume.

Higher Difficulty Levels for each stage

Once you beat level 1-7, you’ll start being able to play higher difficulty levels for each stage that you beat. Each higher difficulty level puts you up against stronger and stronger enemies, but your rewards are bigger.

Plus, you earn one more star for beating a higher difficulty stage. Go back to old levels and farm them for stars when you need to speed-unlock a new area or get more stars to spend in the Ancient Factory.


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Sunday 5th of January 2020

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Tuesday 19th of November 2019

Yungs secret shop isn't free after you've paid one time. You have to pay 100 crystals every time it refreshes if you want to go in again.