Battle Breakers: Hero Upgrade Guide – Promotion, Evolution, Skill Upgrade, Equipment, and more!

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Battle Breakers is the new RPG by Fortnite creator Epic Games featuring loads of new and likeable characters, including many who are straight out of Fortnite itself. You even have the Battle Pass system with free and paid options for both types of players.

You have a ton of ways to upgrade your characters, and you’re going to need to utilize all of them in order to pass the tougher stages, or to pass the higher-difficulty versions of the main stages so that you can earn 3 and 4 stars.

To start off, you will only be able to level-up your character, but as you make it further through the game and increase your player levels, you’ll unlock many whole new methods of upgrading your Battle Breakers.


You can either upgrade a player simply by grinding in battle, or by using level-up items. This is the primary way to upgrade your character. Your upgrade level is limited to the level of your Headquarters, so upgrade your Headquarters if you need to get more player levels going.

Much later on in the game, you’ll unlock Promotions as well. Promotions are required in order to limit break your heroes and level them beyond the maximum.


Once you pass player level 50, you’ll unlock Promotion. You need specific Essences to promote; the essence required will match your hero’s essence type. You also need gold and reagents.

If you get leveled to your max level, and upgrading your Headquarters does nothing about it, then you’re going to need to promote your hero. A hero can be promoted multiple times in order to raise the max level multiple times.


Once you get past level 2-6 and unlock the Crystal Forge, you will be able to unlock gear, which you can equip on your hero in order to improve all of their stats. Not only can you equip gear, but you can also Level Up and Evolve your gear.

You can use Ore to upgrade weapons and armor. Weapon Ore and Armor Ore can both be found in the mines. Magicite is used to evolve both your Weapons and your Armor. Magicite is also found in the mines, and is far, far more rare. They can also be earned with Battle Pass Rewards.


This is arguably the most important method of upgrading your hero. The reason for that is that evolving your hero adds another star to their star rarity. Be sure to check their star rating first to see if you can evolve them.

If your hero appears to have blank stars next to their gold stars, then they can be evolved once per star. If they have no blank stars, then they are at their maximum evolution level.

Not only does this increase the star rarity, but this GREATLY improves their active skills, passive skills, and commander skills.


Skill upgrades are surprisingly the last character upgrade to unlock. To unlock this, beat level 3-1, then you’ll be able to upgrade your skills in order to do more damage, heal more, or provide better buffs and debuffs with your skills.

Molten Foil, Foil Heroes and the Monster Pit

Foil heroes are shiny, flashy versions of standard heroes. There is no stat boost, but this makes heroes more valuable to the Monster Pit when you cast them in, allowing you to level up the Pit faster.

The Monster Pit gives you rewards as you level it up. You can cast any hero in at any time, but you can only cast one of each hero into the Monster Pit.

Molten Foil lets you turn a hero into a foil hero to make them more valuable to the Monster Pit. You can earn it with Battle Pass rewards, or by selling a Foil Hero that you need.

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