Battle Breakers: How to get a Free Premium Battle Pass

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Battle Breakers is Epic Games’ first new game since Fortnite, and is an RPG for the iOS, Android, and Epic Store that even features occasional Fortnite characters and the same trademark silliness. Just like in Fortnite, you have a Battle Pass that can be leveled up, earn you all sorts of rewards, and unlocks a whole new dimension of the game.

The Battle Pass lasts for one single month, and normally costs $4.99 to purchase. In exchange for that, you get up to 100 free gems per day for 30 days, along with all of the various bonuses and perks, such as hero evolution items, special ability experience points, special characters and pets, and more.

You start leveling the Battle Pass even before you purchase it or earn it, Every time you complete a battle, the level bar will increase, by an amount equal to the amount of gold that you’ve earned from the battle. The increase will be slow, but you will notice the Battle Pass experience gauge increase.

The first 20 levels are the Core Battle Pass, which contains all of the characters. The levels afterward are the Prestige Battle Pass levels. Rewards that are marked with a star are Premium Battle Pass Rewards; rewards with no stars are free.

After the Battle Pass period is over, then the level and the rewards will reset, so you’ll have an opportunity to earn them all over again, or to earn brand new rewards.

One way to get a free Premium Battle Pass is something that was hinted at in Fortnite Seasons 8 and 9, when Epic offered free Battle Passes to players who completed specific events. Keep an eye on the event area in this game; you might likely see events pop up that will enable you to earn a free Premium Battle Pass in exchange for rewards.

Another way to get a free Premium Battle Pass is time-honored. If someone gives you a gift card to iTunes, Google Play, or to the Epic Store, then use that gift card as your primary form of payment, and use it to purchase a Premium Battle Pass.

You can also use various survey sites to get free credits for Apple’s App Stores, Google Play, or even for Epic Store. Being that we don’t know enough about these sites, we’re not going to endorse one or the other of them; Choose wisely.

Another still is to become an Epic Content Creator. At the beginning of the game, players will be able to put in a Creator code if they want to support someone. Become a creator on YouTube or elsewhere, get fans, and get them to enter your code.

Or, if you want to play it dirty, sign up for multiple accounts, make one a Creator account and use the others to beat the bosses to meet fan requirements to support a Creator. The downside is this is a likely way to get banned, but if you want to risk it, then risk it.

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