Battle Camp – How to get free gold and more stones

Battle Camp puts you into a crazy, semi-supernatural campground where you battle your own team of monsters against other trainers, and against wild monsters. Think of it kind of like a cross between Pokemon and Goosebumps. Stones are the main currency of the game, and are chiefly used to upgrade and evolve your monsters. Gold, the premium currency of the game, is used to get new, even rare monsters, as well as goodies for your avatar from the shop. Read on to find out how to get more of both!

The main way to earn more stones is by battling, and the tougher the monsters that you battle, the more stones that you’ll get from the battle. Monsters can either earn you stones, treasure chests, or other monsters (one of three for each round), so much of what you earn is decided by chance, as well.

Complete the quests to earn large quantities of stones. Tap on the quests tab, and tap on the other tabs besides the event tab to see what quests you have. The more different locations that you have opened up, the more quests you have, and quests can earn you hundreds of stones at a time.

Participate in the events and you will have a chance at earning a large amount of stones as a prize, depending on how many trophies you collect. Collect even higher levels of trophies, though, and you will have a shot at earning a high amount of gold as a bonus.

One way to earn free gold is to go to the in-game currency shop and under “Buy More Gold”, tap the “earn” button that’s hidden away in the corner. Watching ad videos can earn you 1 gold for every 10 videos, which is not even worth it at all, but if you go to the offers menu, there will be many ways to earn a lot of free gold.

Complete as many offers as you want, some of which are free, others which are not. If you register for Tapjoy, as well, you’ll be able to find more offers, all free, right on their website (usually involving downloading and running an app). Even if you only do all of the free offers, then you will still be able to earn lots of free gold.