Battle Camp Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 2: More Cheats, Hints and Strategies

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Welcome to part 2 of the Battle Camp tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

If you make a match of 5 in a row or more, you’ll do damage to every enemy on the screen. If you make a match of 5 or more, and then make one or more separate matches of 3 or more on the same turn, of the same color as the 5+ match, then all of that additional damage will be done to every enemy on the screen, as well.

Try to have one monster of every color in your team, so that every combination that you make will do damage. If you are missing a color, then making a combination out of your missing color will do absolutely nothing, other than to add bonus combo damage to other comboes that you have already made on the same turn.

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However, if you are fighting one single boss character, then it can be a better strategy to stack your team with the color that’s strong against that boss, especially if you have more than one rare monster that’s strong against the boss character. If you do that, then you can make multiple attacks happen with every single combo that you make with that color.

Since you will catch so many monsters as you go, you’ll often end up with a full monster list, meaning that you can’t battle unless you get rid of some of the monsters. You can rid of monsters by fusing them, but you’ll run yourself out of stones very quickly if you fuse to power up the same monster over and over. Fuse to power up a lower level monster, though, and you’ll spend far less stones. Or, you can sell your extra monster cards to earn extra stones, so that you can save up to fuse to power up your higher-level monsters.

If all of the monsters in your party are at a high level but you don’t have enough stones to fuse to power anymore of them up, put a random low level monster into your party and power them up by fusion. Their level will skyrocket. Take them back out of the party. Repeat with about four or five more monsters. Then when you have the stones to power up your rare, high level monsters, use these leveled-up common monsters as fusion fodder for a huge bonus in experience points, without having to spend any more stones than usual.

Check every monster to figure out if they have a special attribute. Some monsters will provide 3x the experience if they are used as fusion fodder for another monster. Usually, these monsters will be rare (at least 1 star, as many as three stars), yet will have similar attack and health attributes as common monsters. These ones are excellent to use as fusion fodder.

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