Battle Camp Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3: Even More Cheats, Hints and Strategies

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Welcome to part three of the Battle Camp tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

If you have searched far and wide in order to find out how to get gold (premium currency), you may already know that you can complete offers in order to earn some free bonus gold. Some of the offers are free while others require you to buy something, but there is a whole list of hidden offers too that are not in the game, but will earn you free gold. Just go to and register and search for offers for Battle Camp, and a list of entirely free offers will pop up. Same thing will happen if you tap “Register with Tapjoy” on the in game offer wall.

These offers will earn you free gold, which can be very necessary because if you don’t have a team full of rare monsters, then ANY boss character or special battle will be extremely difficult to beat. Even the battle with Penny at the campsite will be insanely hard, because he will throw out five rare monsters against you. You will essentially ONLY have a chance if you throw out five rares against him.

If you want extremely powerful rares, earn as many trophies and tokens as you can in the various events that pop up. Level up as quickly as possible to unlock more areas on the map because the more areas that you unlock, the more events will be open to you. Check out the event rewards under the event section of the “quest” tab in order to figure out what you can earn.

If you have a quest that is nearing completion, and you are fairly close to gaining an experience level, wait to complete it and claim the reward until you are out of energy and within range of gaining a level from the quest experience points. Then, complete the quest and get your free energy refill. Completing a quest and claiming the reward when your energy is full is borderline worthless.

Want to make the most of your fusions while spending the least amount of stones possible? Level up four or five common monsters one time apiece. Then, use them as fusion fodder to fuel your rare monsters. Plus, if you have a monster that shows as rare (has stars) but is no more powerful than a common monster, use it as a fusion sacrifice for a HUGE boost in experience points.

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