Battle Camp Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 2

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Welcome to part two of the Battle Camp beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

In addition to all of the monsters, you can talk to any of the other player avatars that you find around. From there you can check out their stats, their achievements, send them a message or even a friend request. You can add them to your troop, as well, f you are a part of a troop, and being a part of a troop is highly recommended.

As a part of a troop, you can engage in troop raids, which are usually accompanied by a funny storyline, such as the Freezrex who is trying to cause the oceans to rise so he can create beachfront property in Missouri. You have a time limit to do as much damage as you can, and at the end of the battle, the damage percentage figure will be calculated. You and your troopmates can all participate in these battles, and you all get a prize when the battle is done.

As you gain experience levels, you will be able to unlock new areas besides the camp. One of these is the troop hall, where you can feed your troop pet using special monsters requested by the pet. As you feed the pet, the pet will level up. Another of these areas is the troop wars area, where you can participate in all-out wars between your troop and a different troop. The battle method is the same here, except that every battle that you win will earn you points for your troop in the war.

The PvP Fort is the one place where you can pit your monsters against another ranger and their monsters. You and the other player will both be battling in real time against each other. The battles are not turn-by-turn, so the winner will be whoever can make matches quicker, and of course, whoever has the best monsters, as more power is usually the deciding factor.

Other unlockable areas will have events going on at different times, depending on when you go. Check the map, and any area with an “E” next to it will have an event going on, while blank areas usually won’t at the time. However, any area before your current “event” area will be accessible, as you still have to progress from event to event before you can move onto the next area, usually.

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