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Battle Golf – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Battle Golf is a new endless golfing game for the iOS and Android platforms. You play as a golfer who is trying to hit hole in ones on various islands and other things that pop up from the sea, and you’re goal is to score as many holes in one as you can within the time limit. Read on for some tips and tricks for how to beat Battle Golf!

At first it will seem like it is almost impossible to actually get a shot. At this point all that you can do is keep practicing and keep trying to make shots. Figure out how to angle the shot and how much power to give it in order to land on the highway and have it roll through the hole. Eventually you will work out a little bit of a groove and it will become easier to make one shot at a time.

Once you get the basics down, there are some more advanced techniques to maximize your score. Try to have your shot angled and almost ready to head while the islands are in the middle of their transition. Islands usually pop up in one of two or three places, making this rather easy to do and making it easy to predict where you’re going to have to shoot the ball next.

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All of this has to be done within the one minute time limit. However, for every shot that you make, you will earn a five second bonus. The faster that you make shots, the more time that you will have to hit the ball, and consequently, The more shots that you will be able to make because you will have more time.

Sometimes you will have a completely flat island, or a whale or an octopus or some other types of sea animals. These are much tougher to make shots on because there are no walls. You will have to angle your shots to land before the flag, and then let them roll in Avoid the birds also as they will screw up your shot.

If you are playing versus mode, you can screw up the other player by firing a golf ball right at them and hitting them. If you do that, they will fall down and stay laying on the ground for about 10 seconds, unable to make a shot. It’s a little bit tough to hit them, and you will miss out on a chance to make your own shot, but it’s pretty funny to watch.