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Battleborn Tap – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Battleborn Tap is a new clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms that ties in with the new Battleborn game. Battleborn Tap puts you in charge of 15 of the heroes from the game, plus your own tapping powers, all of which combine to kill wave after wave of enemies so that you can collect credits and shards. Read on for some tips and tricks for Battleborn Tap!

One of the fastest ways to proceed early on, when your tap attacks comprise the majority of the damage that you do, is to tap with multiple fingers. You can tap with up to six, or even up to ten fingers at once. Just look at how many fingers you can get lasers to fire out of upon contact – that’s how many you can tap with at a time.

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Most of the damage is, of course, done by the other heroes that you hire. The first one that you hire does moderate damage, the second one significantly moreso, and then the third one far more than the second one. Level the early heroes up to catch them up with the later heroes. To level them up, upgrade the damage until the bar fills up, then do the big super-upgrade to make them gain a level and reset the bar.

Same thing works with your taps. Keep leveling up your tap power until the bar fills up, then you’ll be able to buy the next experience level. It’s expensive but your tapping power will skyrocket in line with where your other heroes will typically be at. The next few upgrades will be less expensive and very effective.

Credits are the premium currency of the game, and can be used to buy all kinds of packs, which will contain random equipment for your heroes, as well as other goodies like shards. To get more credits, go to the video icon for a quick 5 at any time, or complete achievements and collect the reward for between 10 and 100, depending on the achievement. In addition, if you see the spaceship flying by, tap it for an offer to get 10 credits for watching a video.

Once you go offline for awhile, and then come back, a shard icon will appear. Tap it and you can collect all of your offline earnings, and if you have had the game turned off for awhile, you will have a massive amount of gold waiting for you to collect it.