BattleSky Brigade: TapTap – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

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BattleSky Brigade: TapTap is a new iOS and Android clicker game centered around a city-building and ship-battling theme. Your goal is to earn Koins by tapping and by constructing facilities, and then improving your coin earnings by hiring troops and construction buildings. You can earn gems, participate in special events, and fight against pirates who try to steal your loot. Read on for some tips and tricks for BattleSky Brigade: TapTap!

Even though facilities earn you some passive income, the best way to earn a ton of coins is to tap, tap, tap, just as the title of the game says. Make sure to tap with as many fingers as you can fit on your phone or tablet because the more fingers you tap with, the faster you can earn some income. If you have a tablet or a big phone you can get away with using up to 10; smaller phone, and 5 can work as well.

And to make sure that you make the most coins per tap, hire as many troops as you can, even at the expense of building more buildings (at least temporarily). Each troop doubles the amount of koins that you earn from each tap, and you can have up to 50 troops at a time. Once you have all of the troop slots filled, then that means it will be about time to prestige.

When the pirates come around, you have to destroy their ships in order to earn huge rewards. Adjust the camera angle; if you have good tapping aim or a huge device, zoom out, but if you don’t, then zoom in so that you can tap more accurately. If you have a big device and can zoom out, tap multiple ships at the same time to take them both out at the same time.

Once you get a high enough HQ level, then you’ll be able to prestige and earn Sparks. Don’t prestige right away, though; wait until you have enough of a koin bonus built up to make it worth it. Your koin bonus and sparks depend on your HQ level, so upgrade it as high as possible before you try to prestige.

You can get a ton of free gems from completing quests, achievements, and more, so spend them wisely. When you got to the troop and building shops, scroll all the way down the store to check prices. They all do the same thing (x3 multiplier) but some are far, far cheaper than others. Don’t buy a more expensive one than you have to.

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