Battlestone Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Battlestone is an unexpected new action RPG by Zynga for the iPhone and iPad, as well as for other iOS devices. Battlestone puts you into a fantasy world full of elves, archers, dwarves with axes, huge guys with clubs, goblins and the like, and sets you into a world where you have to try to defeat the Void, for some reason. What’s unknown is who or what the Void really is (aside from a creepy network of evil wizards) but it’s a good enough excuse for some action and adventure. Read on for some tips and tricks for Battlestone!

After you summon a hero, you have to wait awhile for them to arrive, but messing with the time in the “date and time” settings can speed it up. It won’t speed it up minute-for-minute, (it actually is somewhat random) but do the following to gradually speed up the time it takes to summon a hero. Set the time a few hours ahead. Then go to the game. Then set the time to normal. Then go to the game. Repeat, repeat, repeat, and it will take some time off of how long it takes for your hero to arrive every time you do this.

Use the same trick to regenerate spirit if you run out. The amount that it will regenerate (or even if it will) is random, but keep messing with the time and your spirit will gradually be restored by a little bit extra each time.

Fight in the PvP battles over and over to get more battlestone. To win the battles easily, use your melee fighter, run up and do a close-range attack, then run away, then run back up and do another close attack, repeat, repeat, repeat. Ignore the little minions that your rivals will have with them – they’ll die when you kill the other player anyways. Keep running, and then when they charge up to do their big attack (such as the “jumping” attack for melee fighters), run in and land a ton of hits on them.

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Summon more heroes, and if find that you don’t want the hero, go to your favorite hero’s profile and use the “fuse” button. From here, you can fuse your unwanted hero with your main hero, in order to power up your main hero.

To power up a hero that’s fallen behind strengthwise when they are overmatched, be flighty. Attack enemies, spires and other things, and then run around (hold and drag the yellow crystal/plumb bob around rather than just tapping) to avoid getting hit. For each hit that you land you’ll gain more experience points. Once you start to run out of hit points, switch characters.

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