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Bears vs Art – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

Bears vs Art is a brand-new and completely ridiculous puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to launch a bear around and art gallery, scaring visitors, and most importantly, using his sharp claws to destroy every painting. Of course, this being a free to play game, you also have to manage your energy, earn coins, and you can upgrade your bear in various ways. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bears vs Art!

The goal is to complete each level’s task in the fewest moves possible, and the easiest way to do that is to make maximum use of diagonal moves. One good way to keep track of what walls you have already gotten to is to look at the marks on the walls that you have hit already. That way, you won’t accidentally hit the same walls twice.

Be sure to take a look at the specific goal of a level before you playing it. If you need a reminder of what the goal is, pause the game and it will pop back up. In some stages the goal will be to get rid of all of the art. In other stages it will be to clear out all of the snooty visitors. Sometimes it will be limited by number of moves while other times it will be limited by time. Sometimes it could be all of the above at once.

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When your energy runs out you will not be able to play anymore levels until you get your energy back. If you want to get it back for free right away without having to spend anything, go to the date and time settings on your iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Set the time ahead by at least an hour depending on how much energy you need to recover. Once you get your time set ahead, go to the game to verify that your energy is back.

You can skip one level per day for free. If you decide to skip a level then your bear will go into rage mode, allowing you to collect as many coins as you can for a specific amount of time. Don’t complete the stage in the normal way when this happens or your coin collecting time will be cut short. Use your time to collect all the coins that you can.

Upgrade the skills and the armor of your bear in order to improve your performance. You will not be able to add more moves or anything like that, but you will be able to increase the amount of coins that you can collect per round. Armor is expensive so all of those coin upgrades work in your favor especially if you are looking to change the appearance of your bear.

You will see a whole bunch of extra characters hanging out around the overworld map. These characters do not do anything; instead, they are merely placeholders. If you use the game to log into Facebook, and you have friends who are playing the game, these friends will replace the characters on the overworld map.