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BeatNiks – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

BeatNiks is a new virtual pet game by Harmonix, best known for the development of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games. While this iPhone and Android title might seem like a strange genre for them to get into, there is definitely a musical component to this game. Your goal is to feed, play with and raise your pet, as well as to unlock and play all kinds of minigames with them. Read on for some tips and tricks for BeatNiks!

First and foremost with this game is to take care of your pet, of course. If you see one of its need bubbles dropping down, fill it back up again by performing the action that corresponds with the bubble. First, though, oftentimes you’ll have to scrub the walls because your BeatNik likes to graffiti on them. Do this by tapping the drawings that it makes.

If your BeatNik is hungry, tap that bubble and feed it by tapping the food that you want to feed it, then dragging the food off of the table into its mouth. If it’s dirty, tap that bubble to go to the bath. Then tap all of the pieces of dirt on your BeatNik to remove them. If it’s bored, then go play any of the games to make it happy.

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Coins are what you use to buy the goods that you need in this game, such as new outfits for your BeatNik. Play the minigames to earn coins. At first you will only have the matching game and the high five game available, but these are more than enough. They’ll earn you experience points as well, allowing you to unlock more games and other goodies.

The high five game especially has huge coin and EXP-earning potential, because it pulls music from your device, and your goal is to hit the high fives to the beat of the music, which is pretty easy to do depending on the songs. It will roll into another song after it is done, and will keep going down your playlist until you hit the back button. Once you do, it will stop and you’ll earn your rewards.

If you don’t quite know what to do next, check your task list. Not only will it give you stuff to do, but everything that you complete from it will earn you some type of reward. Usually it will be in experience points, while sometimes it will be beatbux or coins.