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Bee Factory: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Bee Factory is a new iOS and Android game where you produce bees, your bees produce honey, the honey makes money, and the money goes toward all upgrades. You can gain levels, unlock more and more bees, and use strategic taps and swipes to speed things along. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bee Factory!

For every five levels that you gain, you can unlock a new type of bee down the line. Each new type of bee will make FAR more money for you than the previous bee will. Also, each new beehive can be upgraded up to level 30, and for each level that you increase it, one new bee will show up. Tap in the general vicinity of a group of bees to cause them all to move faster.

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Upgrade your honey line in order to earn more money per brick of honey that you make. You also use more honey per brick, although you earn more money per amount of honey, so if you have a backlog of pollen, upgrade the production line. To speed this one along, you can swipe from side to side on the assembly line to double the speed of the line for as long as you swipe. Fast and slow swipes will both do the trick.

There are all kinds of video offers around. In the top left corner is the video icon which allows you to double the income for five minutes. If you see a golden bee, you can earn a huge sum of cash or you can watch an ad video to double the amount of cash before you claim it. If you catch a magic hive (sometimes appears in the upper right corner of the screen), you can either double production speed of both bees and honey, or you can quadruple it by watching an ad video.

When you come back from being offline for awhile, make sure that you have a data connection before beginning the game. You can double your offline income using the ad video. Also, if you are about to level up, and you have the data connection, watch the ad video when you hit the level up button in order to double the level up bonus.

If you want to, you can instantly earn a ton of offline income. Set it ahead by about four to six hours on the date and time settings (you can do this in your phone settings), then go back to the game and collect your earnings. Do again as often as you want to using the same trick, just be sure to keep upgrading in between cheats.