Skip to Content – Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide is a new iOS and Android game where you play as a bug whose goal is to knock all of the other beetles off of the level without getting knocked off yourself. You can knock other players off, avoid other players, and fight for the number one rank on the whole board, while giving your beetle new skins and colors to play with. Read on for some tips and tricks for!

Your goal is to be the last person surviving, but simply hiding out won’t get you there. The reason for this is that whenever a player knocks another player off of the level, they’ll grow larger. The larger they get, the harder that they are to bump off because you’ll move them a shorter distance, and you’ll bounce a greater distance when you hit them or when they hit you. So you have to make kills in order to make it to first place.

If you make a kill, you’ll grow in the same way, putting you at the advantage, because you’ll knock other beetles farther while bouncing a shorter distance when you hit them. Try to get kills as quickly as possible, so that you can jump out to an early advantage. Then use the size that you gain to bully the board and push other bugs around more easily.

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There is no pause button in the game, but there is a way to pause. The other bugs are computer-controlled, so tap the menu button (or swipe up if you’re on an iPhone X) to leave the game in the middle of a match. When you go back to the game, you’ll be in the same place that you left off at, as will all of the other marbles, so try to make it to a safe area before you leave the game.

All of the skins are currently available for free, right off the bat. The skins consist of color swaps of the same design, but knowing the history of the developer, they will add special/secret skins that can be unlocked by completing various actions within the game. So when an update comes out, check the update logs to see if skins have been added.

Killing the big guys is hard, but if you do manage to kill a big guy, the reward can be huge. The larger the beetle that you knock off the stage, the more you’ll grow. So if you’re small and you manage to knock a big guy off the stage, you’ll gain a lot of size instantly.