Ben 10 Heroes: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Ben 10 Heroes is a new iOS and Android RPG starring the hero Ben Tennyson, co-starring a number of side heroes such as Wildvine and XLR8. You play as Ben 10 himself, taking your team into battle against a number of enemies in story mode, and against other players in versus mode.

The battle method is similar to other puzzle RPG games, except that only your special attacks do damage, and your combinations of gems and tiles serve to do nothing but energize your special attacks.

Your goal is to build the best team that you can, earn a lot of coins and gems, and to maximize the strength of your team, while earning omnivaults and loading up on upgrade cards.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Ben 10 Heroes!

In battle you’ll have your usual tiles to match and skills to activate, but in this game, the tiles do nothing but activate the skills. Match three to fill them up slowly, but match four, five, or even six or seven tiles in one shot to fill your tiles faster.

You don’t just have to move a tile one space over, either. Drag it all around the board to move other pieces behind it. You can make a bunch of combos this way, or for the more advanced types, you can slide tiles around behind the one you’re dragging in order to set up large 5+-piece combos.

As you go through the game and earn more omnivaults, you’ll unlock more characters, so that you’re able to add them to your team. You want to try to add the characters with the highest star rarity to your team. 5-stars (and more) are your best bets.

When you go to the store to buy omnivaults to earn more aliens, save your gems for the uncommon omnivaults. Uncommon ones are the best chance at earning 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star aliens, which not only have immediate strength advantages when added to your party, but have a higher upgrade potential, as well.

Of course, you have to manage your team’s moves well, too. Take a look at their moves and figure out which ones are most valuable to you. Organize your team based on your favorite moves.

If you want to get more coins and gems, go to the store area. You have free offers for both coins and gems; tap the free buttons for both of these offers, and take them as often as possible, for as long as you have available vidoes.

After specific victories, you’ll be able to spend coins in order to level up your characters. To level them up outside of battle, you need gems, so it’s recommended to take battles and use coins instead as gems are more rare.

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